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Opinionated, LGBT woman, trying to find my way in the world. Writing about my journey and other issues, with the security of a pen name.

Nine idiosyncrasies I never realised before falling in love with a woman

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There are many things over the years, that I have become accustomed to since coming out. Some of them have caused me many sleepless nights. Some have made me and my partner chuckle. In my innocent mind, I never thought any of these would be an issue.

Not everyone accepts your sexuality.

I came out at the age of 40. I know that many people thought I was going through a mid-life crisis. News flash, mid-life is now your 50s. I still have time to shave my hair and buy a Harley Davidson.

Many of my friends and family thought it was a phase I…

The victim was 19 when she jumped to her death, after horrendous bullying.

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This is a particularly strange case for me, and the first I have written where I am going to hide the names of both the perpetrators and victim. I will explain later on why I took this stand. Although I am hiding the identity of those involved in the case, it is still an important message to tell. Especially if you have children.

A troubled childhood

Clare was a normal teenage girl, who had been adopted to a respected family at the age of three. Her father was a prominent member of the local community. Even though she had most things that teenagers…

Our children need to grow up in a world where their value is measured on more than their looks.

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As a mother to two fantastic children, I am always careful what I expose them to. I want them to know their self worth and be confident. As a same-sex relationship this is very important to us. Many people have asked me if we are bringing our children up gender neutral. As if because we are gay we would. I never answer, I want my children to be what they want when in life. To play with male and female toys and to make their way in the world, without pressure from us and outside influences. …

The leap of faith that changed my life completely.

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At 32 I had everything a person should want. A house, great social circle, two foster kids and a husband. For all this, I was simply not happy. I had given up my hope of having children of my own, as my husband couldn’t conceive. I remember looking at my life and thinking if this is how the next 40 years are going I don’t think I can cope.

My husband had no emotion or feelings. He was one of the coldest people I had met. For the last five years, I had been buying my presents and he had…

Stephen Port a vicious serial killer and rapist. Police failed to identify, despite having arrested him for one of the murders.


Stephen Port was born in the United Kingdom on 22nd February 1975. He became known as the Grindr killer when he lured and killed four men. However, his capture wasn’t an easy one, as the police failed to recognise a serial killer was on the loose. Instead, they put the victims’ murders down to misadventure and suicide. He was finally brought to justice on 25th November 2016. He was sentenced to life in prison on a whole life order. Port will never be released from prison.

Who is Stephen Port

Little is known of his early years. He grew up in Dagenham, East London…

The journey was not an easy one.

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My first sexual encounter when I came out was terrifying. I felt like a virgin all over again. Sure I had been with men, I knew what I was doing, but not women. Although, I knew what I liked so that always helps.

This doesn’t stop it from being a scary prospect. We had both had a couple of drinks which helped the process. We went back to my house and got to know each other most intimately. The patience and love…

My story is clear evidence, that homophobia is still prevalent in all types of society.

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At 32 I fell in love with a woman. Up until then, I had only ever been in relationships with men. I was too scared to date women.

Did I fancy women before?

I had a few female celebrity crushes, Pink to name one. I had never had a relationship, though. Not even a drunken fumble with a friend.

I met my partner by accident. After four months of denying my feelings, I told her how I felt. It was the single scariest moment of my life.

What made me do it then, I will never know. I think I…

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